Born in Winchester, TN, I made the slight journey west to Nashville. I’ve studied and worked in design and photography for 4 years.

My interest in these areas became apparent when I took a B&W Film Photography class at Middle Tennesee State University. I was majoring in the Recording Industry and took the photography class simply as an elective. After learning how to manually operate a camera and develop film in the darkroom, I was hooked; had it not been the next-to-last semester of my already over-indulged college career, I would’ve changed majors.

After graduation, I landed a job as a computer technician and webmaster for a music production company in Nashville. I’ve expanded my job duties to include photography of recording sessions, design of print ads and CD covers, and webpage layout and re-design.

My most recent work includes portraiture for models and families, stock photography, logo design, and design for print ads and websites.

My goal is to earn more freelance photography and design work so that I can one day fully support my family by doing what I love.

I live in Nashville, TN with my wife and son,