Maternity Photography – Erin Ellington

Posted on February 25, 2008

20080216_026Erin used to be my wife’s roommate back in our college days. She was coming home to Kentucky this weekend for a baby shower, so we decided to take some maternity shots while she was in town.

These pictures were taken during month 7 of her pregnancy. She wanted to take some studio shots of her as well as some outdoor shots if time allowed. Luckily, we had her for 3-4 hours, so we had plenty of time to work on all the shots we had in mind.

One of the shots I really wanted was of Erin holding a pair of baby shoes. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any with her so I had her pose like she was holding them and I just added them in later in post-production.


The studio shots were done with my Alien Bees AB1600 fired through a large octabox.