Posted on February 21, 2008

ExpectationsToday we went to have the first ultrasound for our baby. We were able to see and hear the heartbeat, which is a big first hurdle in pregnancy. So, we’re very excited that everything looks good.

This is week 8 of the pregnancy with an expected due date of October 3rd. The baby is 14.6mm long and has a heartrate of 167bpm, which is apparently normal for this far into the pregnancy.

Traci and I had actually run into fertility issues a few months ago. We underwent an IUI procedure in January that was successful, so we feel very blessed. We had this ultrasound done at the fertility center and they released Traci to her regular OBGYN from here on out.

They gave us an image taken during the ultrasound. I arranged this image along with our armbands on a table and shot straight down on it. I had my Canon 430ex on a stand at about 4 o’ clock to the position of the camera. I kept the angle of the flash low to avoid any glare on the glossy printout they gave us.