Music Photography – Roadmark

Posted on August 14, 2008

I met up with Andrew from Roadmark online, and we were able to work out a date to do some artist shots for the band. The band had gotten some new members, so they were needing to update their band photos.

We met up in downtown Nashville and wandered around the city, looking for some cool locations. We ended up doing some setups right on the riverfront, in a deserted parking garage and an old alley (near Banker’s Alley, what Pokies soon became referred to as “Hepatitis Alley” to poke fun at one of the bandmates that had no shoes on), the corner of 2nd and Broadway (right in front of Hard Rock cafe), and then the Gateway Bridge.


Click below to view the full gallery and to check out Roadmark’s MySpace page. If you’re a band or artist that would like to book a session, let me know.