Smyrna Dental Group

Posted on May 18, 2011

My local dentist at Smyrna Dental Group asked me to help out with some photos of their staff and building. After discussing their needs, we got a shot list together that consisted of headshots of each employee, a group photo, and then a shot of the outside of the building.

I planned to do the shots with the employees on a separate day than the shot of the building. Since it’s just a strip mall-type building, I wanted to make the photo of the building a little more interesting. I used an iPhone app to determine the location of the sun and saw that it was going to be just behind the building at sunset. Perfect. That’d give me a very colorful sky and I wouldn’t have a harsh shadow on the front of the building. Plus, the building has a cool lamppost out front that I was hoping would kick on right at sunset. Fortunately, it did just that!

I took a few bracketed exposures as the sun was setting and then combined them with some HDR processing. I’m very careful with HDR as I’m not a huge fan of it, but I thought it would give the photo a more colorful and lively look.

For the employee headshots, we planned to do the shots on the day that the office was closed so that we wouldn’t be interfering with patients and appointments. I headed down in the morning and setup a gray muslin background with a three light setup. I fired a Paul Buff Einstein through the giant Octabox as my main light. I had another Einstein unit firing through a small stripbox for a hair/separation light. Lastly, I had an Alien Bees B800 with a grid spot firing into the background to give me a nice circular flare. Here are a few samples of what we ended up with.

For the group shot, we worked for a bit to get a nice line-up. I know this is small business and I know that these people are really close, so I wanted the group shot to have a close family feel. After a few tries we finally got something everyone was happy with.

I worked awhile longer on a few accent shots for their upcoming website. Before I tore down the setup, I took one final shot of a few of my friends there. A couple of the folks had already left, so I just worked with the ones that were still there.

If you live in or around Smyrna, check out Smyrna Dental Group. They are great folks and do excellent work.

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