Street Fighter Photography – Ty Parker

Posted on August 26, 2008

I met up with Ty Parker on We discussed a few themes for this session and ultimately ended up going with a thug/street fighter theme.

I had seen a cool setting in some photos of another Nashville photographer, so I contacted her and found out that she had taken the photos at Marathon Village near downtown Nashville. Ty and I met up a couple hours before sunset and got to work.

We started off beside a nearby window and then moved further into the non-air-conditioned building. The fact that it was very hot ended up working in our favor because I wanted Ty to look like he was shadowboxing and getting ready for a big fight.


At the end of our session, we got everything packed up and walked outside to find a beautiful sky just before sunset. We couldn’t just leave without taking advantage of the awesome colors, so I quickly setup a light stand and got a few quick headshots with the sky in the background.


Check out the full gallery and also Ty’s portfolio below.